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Paste text

You can use the Paste Text action to:

Create a separate key on the on-screen keyboard for any character or text string, such as @ or “.com”.
Quickly paste frequently used text fragments: greetings, cliches, email addresses, URLs, logins, and passwords.
Quickly fill in web forms and registration dialog boxes.
Type special characters that are difficult to enter using the regular keyboard.

Tips and tricks

You can protect your data with strong 448-bit Blowfish encryption, so that nobody can access them without knowing your password.
All text is saved in the Unicode format, so you can use any characters.
You can add various macros to the text. See how to use macros in the Template macros section.
You can specify the position of the text cursor after the text is pasted by placing | (the pipe character) there.
You can add a set of special typographic characters. To add or remove a set, open the Settings dialog box and select the Keyboard Shortcuts item.