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Run a program; open a document or folder

You can use actions of this type to:

Quickly start your favorite applications.
Open frequently used folders and drives: My Documents, CD/DVD drive, etc.
Open frequently used documents and network drives.
Hide a file from your boss or kids, leaving access to it only via a keyboard shortcut.
Clear your desktop from a pile of shortcuts, as now you can use the on-screen keyboard instead.

Program, folder or document Name

You can specify one or more programs in a separate line.

You can also run a program with additional parameters. For example: "C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe" -nohome

You can use <SELECTION> and <CLIPBOARD> tags for actions. For example: C:\voice.exe <SELECTION>

Start in folder

Enter the start-in folder for the program here. If you use the Add... button to find a program or document that you want to open with this action, the Start-in folder field will be filled automatically with the folder where the selected file is located.

Turn on the Switch to the already launched program option, and you will no longer need to check whether this program is already running or not.

Note: Select the Add to the Windows context menu check box in the Comfort Keys Pro settings, and you will be able to assign a shortcut key by right-clicking the shortcut of the program you are interested in and selecting the Assign Keyboard Shortcut item in the context menu.