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Language Switcher

The language switching features also work when you switch the keyboard layout.

Show the language flag instead of the Comfort Keys Pro icon in the system tray

You can replace the application’s icon in the system tray with the language flag.

Show the language flag next to the text cursor when possible

You can make the language flag appear automatically when you tap the screen location where you want to insert text. However, some applications draw the text cursor in their own way and do not provide information about its position. (These are Firefox, Google Chrome, OpenOffice, CorelDRAW, etc.) In this case, the language flag will not be shown.

Show the flag only when the language is switched

Check this checkbox if the language flag constantly displayed next to the text cursor annoys you.

Accelerated tracking of the complex text cursor movements

Check this checkbox to reduce the flag movement delay.

Note: Checking this checkbox may slow down Comfort Keys Pro.

Show the icon when the Caps Lock is ON

You can automatically display a specified icon near the text cursor when Caps Lock is on.

Flag opacity

You can adjust the opacity of the flag shown next to the text cursor.



Languages and layouts to be used for switching

The list of languages you can switch between (see also Controlling the input language section).