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Show the on-screen keyboard when the text cursor is visible

If this checkbox is checked, the on-screen keyboard will appear when the text cursor is placed in a text field. Some applications draw the text cursor in their own way and do not provide information about its state. In this case, you can open the keyboard by pressing a hotkey or clicking the keyboard icon. You can also install a Browser Extension.

Show only when you click or tap a text box

If this checkbox is checked, the on-screen keyboard will appear when you click or tap a text box. If you activated application and the text cursor is visible, the keyboard will be hidden until you click a text box.


You can install a browser extension to make the on-screen keyboard appear when the cursor is placed inside a text field. The extension will add keyboard-related information to the browser caption, and the application will monitor the caption for changes.

Hide the on-screen keyboard when typing on a physical keyboard

If you check this checkbox, the on-screen keyboard will disappear when you press a key on a physical keyboard; the on-screen keyboard will appear again when you touch the touchscreen, or call the on-screen keyboard by pressing a hotkey or clicking the keyboard icon.

This setting also hides the keyboard when you attach "Cover Keyboard". If your attachable keyboard doesn't hide the on-screen keyboard, please contact our support team.

Three finger tap on your touchscreen: Show/Hide

Three finger tap on your touchscreen will toggle the visibility of the on-screen keyboard. This feature doesn't work in some applications. Note: Windows 8 and above.

Animate the launch of the on-screen keyboard

When the keyboard is started, it will appear on the screen by sliding up or down from under the specified screen border. When the keyboard is closed, it will slide under the specified border.

Auto hide

This option lets you hide the keyboard after the time specified in the Disappearance delay field expires.

Disappearance delay (msec)

The delay between the last pressing of any key and the disappearing of the on-screen keyboard.

End state

The on-screen keyboard can be transparent but not hidden totally. For example, you can set 5% opacity as the end state.