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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Comfort Clipboard Pro usage issues

Q: Your application doesn’t react to any key combinations at all.

A:  Maybe that’s because another hotkey manager is running? Otherwise, please make sure that Comfort Clipboard Pro is turned on.


Q: How can I transfer the application’s settings and data to another computer?

A: Sorry, you cannot do it in one click. You will have to do the following:

1.Save the general settings: Parameters –> Advanced –> Save to File...
2.Save the folder with clipboard data (you can find the path to this folder in the Clipboard Manager section of the Settings window).
3.Restore all these data on the target computer.


Q: The application doesn’t start and shows an error message each time I try to run it!

A: Please check this:

1.Maybe some of the application’s components have not been installed. Please try reinstalling the application.
2.Make sure to install the application to the Program Files folder. It’s a security-related requirement for new operating systems.


Q: Can I use the Sleep key in a shortcut?

A: No, you cannot. The Wake, Sleep, and Power keys cannot be used as a hotkey or part of a key combination for any action.


Registration issues

Q: How to check if your software product is registered?

A: To see the application’s registration status, select About Comfort Clipboard Pro in its context menu.