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Software: Comfort On-Screen Keyboard Pro, Comfort Keys Pro

Hello! I purchased your Comfort On-Screen Keyboard Pro software. Before doing this, spent several days searching for a program that displays keystrokes. The point is that I want to create a website dedicated to video lessons. And I would like to have a program that displays during the recording session, the keys that I use. With your program it's wonderful, but I have a question.
Is it possible to make the keyboard appear on the screen only in those moments when I press the keys on the hardware keyboard? And even better - if only the used keys appear ... And it is desirable to change the position, size, display time, etc.
This feature can expand the circle of your potential buyers. Multimedia lessons are becoming more popular ...
Thank you!


Set the "Show while holding down the key" option in the settings of the on-screen keyboard: Settings > On-Screen Keyboard > Expert Settings...
Turn it on and experiment with the settings "Appearance delay" and "Disappearance delay".

The position, size, and other parameters can be configured through the other settings.

Displaying keystrokes